Fossil Free SEPTA Campaign

No Natural Gas Plant in Nicetown
Power SEPTA with renewable energy

350 Philly and more than 50 organizations across the Philadelphia area are calling on SEPTA to cancel a plan to build a natural gas power plant in Nicetown. Instead of creating a power source that would pollute our air, harm people’s health, and accelerate climate change, SEPTA should get on the right side of history by investing in clean renewable energy.

What is SEPTA planning?

SEPTA has decided to contract with an energy services company called Noresco to build a power plant in the Nicetown section of Philadelphia, next to the Midvale Bus Depot and near the Wayne Junction train station. The plant would burn natural gas to generate electricity for the Regional Rail system. SEPTA’s Board of Directors approved this plan on November 17, 2016, but they need to receive several permits before they can move forward with construction. 350Philly is demanding that they cancel the plan and asking elected officials to take action to stop the plant.

Why does this matter to us?

This project is the wrong direction for SEPTA! The plant would:

Across the world, transit agencies have begun investing in clean renewable energy, such as wind or solar. It’s time to get SEPTA on board.

If you’re a community resident, a SEPTA worker, or a SEPTA rider, we urge you to ask SEPTA to:

  • Cancel the plans for a natural gas plant in Nicetown
  • Power our trains, subways, and trolleys, and buses with renewable energy from solar arrays and wind turbines

See press coverage about our campaign from NBC10, the Philadelphia Inquirer, and more.

What have we done?

Our Fossil Free SEPTA campaign began in March 2016. Since then, we’ve presented our ideas and research to community groups across Nicetown, Tioga, Germantown, and East Falls, and organized a community forum at Wissahickon Charter School in Nicetown, with over 50 participants. Read more…

What can you do?

  1. Contact Mayor Kenney. He can stop this plant. Details here:
  2. Help us cover the legal fees for this appeal. We need to raise $2,500 over the next few weeks. Any amount you can contribute is greatly appreciated.
  3. If you live in Philadelphia’s District 8 (Chestnut Hill, Mount Airy, Germantown, Nicetown, Tioga, Logan), City Council Person Cindy Bass needs to hear from you.
    • CALL her offices and ask her to REZONE the site of the SEPTA gas plant. The number is 215.686.3424.
    • WRITE an email, we’ll help with this template.
  4. SIGN our online petition (and register to receive updates)
  5. SHARE petitions & flyers to engage your neighbors and co-workers
  6. Have your organization ENDORSE our campaign

Questions or comments? Please email 350 Philadelphia’s team of volunteers at:

page last updated: Jun 12 2018