There’s plans to develop a liquid natural gas (LNG) processing and storage site in Philadelphia. It’s dubbed the Passyunk Energy Center. Read our take on it here: The Passyunk Energy Center? Just Say No!

Despite rousing public opposition to the project, the Philadelphia Gas Commission voted to OK this project. Read our perspective here: Resistance to the proposed Passyunk Energy Center.

Then sign our petition to state that you’re against this project.

If you can represent an organization, please sign the coalition letter for your organization. Here’s who’s signed to date:

  1. Delaware Riverkeeper Network
  2. Green Justice Philly
  3. Neighbors Against The Gas Plants
  4. 350 Philadelphia
  5. Philly Thrive
  6. PennEnvironment
  7. Clean Water Action
  9. POWER Interfaith
  10. Sierra Club — Southeastern PA Group (SPG)
  11. Moms Clean Air Force — PA Chapter
  12. Clean Air Council
  13. Philly Electric Wheels
  14. Food & Water Watch
  15. [UPenn] Penn Environmental Group
  16. Weavers Way Co-op — Environment Committee
  17. Philadelphia Ready for 100
  18. Physicians for Social Responsibility — Philadelphia 
  19. Ecosocialist Group in Philly DSA
  20. Energy Justice Network
  21. Sunrise Movement — Philadelphia
  22. The Black Church Center for Justice and Equality
  23. 5th Square PAC
  24. Emergence Education Press
  25. Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament
  26. Women’s Medical Fund
  27. 500 Women Scientists, Philly Pod
  28. Reclaim Philadelphia

Thanks from the entire 350 Philly team as well as the No LNG in Philly coalition!

See recent letter to the editor by Anthony Borzotta, published on the 2/3/19 Inquirer.

Though the Philadelphia Gas Commission voted to proceed with this project, it still needs City Council to deliberate and vote on this.

We testified at the Wednesday Feb 27 at 10am at City Hall Room 400 for a public hearing. The bill number is 181063. The hearing was scheduled by the Committee on Transportation and Public Utilities, chair Council member Kenyatta Johnson, co-chair Council member Mark Squilla. However, it was all orchestrated by Philadelphia Gas Commission chair, Council member Derek Green. This committee voted to proceed with the project, as did Mayor Jim Kenney’s administration, despite 18 ward leaders and committee persons opposing the project; despite 4 state reps opposing the project and despite the 24 groups above opposing the project.

Letter to the Editor of The Inquirer, published March 6, 2019 by Lindsey Britt

Which means we get another chance to show public opposition when the entire council gets to vote on this. Please call or tweet any and all of the Council members listed below, stating that you oppose this project, bill# 181063.

last edit: March 11, 2019