Host a Climate Conversation

350 Philadelphia is initiating a series of informal “Climate Conversations,” in which one of our volunteers visits a home, place of worship, or other gathering space to facilitate small, informal conversations about participants’ personal choices and concerns related to climate change.

These conversations are designed to support participants to build community, find people with similar projects and interests, and exchange suggestions about difficult choices in areas such as time management, eating, reading, travel, activism, oppression, parenting, emotional reactions, and existential dread.

They are for 5 to 20 participants of all ages, backgrounds, and political views, regardless of prior experience with climate charge. They can last 1-2.5 hours, depending on the needs of the group, and are free of charge.

Our current Climate Conversations facilitator is Eugene Chislenko. Eugene teaches ethics at Temple University, volunteers with 350 Philly and the Sunrise Movement, and is a co-founder of Philosophers for Sustainability.

If you are interested in hosting a Climate Conversation, please get in touch with Eugene at


Testimonials about Past Climate Conversations

“The Climate Conversation Eugene led for our congregation was very helpful—it gave us a space to start talking and working together. In less than two weeks some of us have already been taking next steps into action together. Eugene set a great tone with helpful information and supportive listening. I really appreciated his balance between the seriousness of the situation, and the scientific consensus that we have right now a window of opportunity to mobilize together to avert the worst consequences. There was also a great balance between plenty of space for people’s emotional responses—and thinking together to form teams, so that we can continue to learn, inspire each other, and take action together.”

—Nancy Wygant, Kol Tzedek West Philadelphia Synagogue


“The Climate Conversation hosted at one of the college dorms at Penn went really well. We had a total of 10 people participate, and each person had the chance to share their thoughts, feelings, and concerns about climate change and what’s being done about it. I felt that everyone walked away inspired and motivated to get involved, either by speaking out in their community, telling their friends and spreading the word, or educating themselves through the multiple resources mentioned in the discussion. By the end, we all had a better idea of what we could change in our day-to-day lives that would make a significant impact. Everyone also understood the gravity of the situation and the urgency to find a solution. Thanks to the Climate Conversation, more young individuals are motivated to make a difference and combat climate change.”

—Sahithya Prakash, University of Pennsylvania