Do Right Now

This is our #CallToAction page for local climate action, and includes current legislation at the City & State levels. If you don’t already have your reps on your phone, lookup here, then call, tweet or write them about these.

  • Can you even imagine our state powered completely with renewable energy? Many of us can. A few legislators have crafted a bill to get us there by 2050. Read more, and ask your state rep & senator to co-sponsor HB 2132 & SB 1140.
  • Live in a condo, townhouse, or just a house with a home-owners association? And getting resistance when you’ve tried to install rooftop solar? Read more, and ask your state senator to support SB 1039.
  • While many of us are demanding a permanent ban on fracking activities in the Delaware River Watershed, these 18 Senators (BAKER, SCARNATI, YAW, EICHELBERGER, VULAKOVICH, HUTCHINSON, WAGNER, RESCHENTHALER, FOLMER, VOGEL, BARTOLOTTA, ALLOWAY, BROOKS, WHITE, REGAN, DiSANTO, MARTIN and BROWNE) state that the current moratorium has prevented landowners from realizing the economic benefits that come from allowing the gas industry on their property. The Delaware River provides drinking water for over 15 million people. We cannot let twisted language open up this river to the fracking industry. Demand that your PA Senator oppose SB-1189.
  • In our fights for a livable planet, a few of us have stepped into civil disobedience. Some of our senators seem to love fossil fuel infrastructure more than their constituents. Unable to see the vision of a state powered by renewables, they see citizens as the enemy and have crafted 2 bills.
    • One bill (SB 652) claims to protect critical infrastructure (think pipelines, refineries, compressor stations), but actually treats trespassing as a felony, liable to get one imprisoned for up to a year. This bill currently has these 13 co-sponsors: REGAN, MARTIN, SCARNATI, RESCHENTHALER, RAFFERTY, YAW, HUTCHINSON, YUDICHAK, STEFANO, BARTOLOTTA, SCAVELLO, MENSCH and VOGEL.
    • The other bill (SB 754) references the costs incurred by the State of North Dakota in their handling of the protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline. If similar protests are mounted in Pennsylvania, the citizens who are convicted of a felony or misdemeanor (see above) during the demonstration would be liable for public safety costs. This bill currently has these 7 co-sponsors: MARTIN, SCARNATI, WARD, HUTCHINSON, RESCHENTHALER, BARTOLOTTA and REGAN.

      Together, they will leave us no say while fossil fuel projects are pushed on us, leaving us imprisoned or broke.  Neither bill is warranted or needed. Please ask YOUR state senator to OPPOSE  these two bills: SB 652 and SB 754.

Last updated: July 8 2018 / send edits here.