Councilwoman Bass Statement on SEPTA’s Nicetown Natural Gas Plant

Below is text of a letter by Philadelphia Councilwoman Bass. To view on her letterhead, click on image to right. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE DATE: March 8, 2017 Councilwoman Bass Statement on SEPTA’s Nicetown Natural Gas Plant “I have long held SEPTA in high regard when it comes to its ability to move more than 3.9 million … Continue reading Councilwoman Bass Statement on SEPTA’s Nicetown Natural Gas Plant

Grassroots group sues transit agency

***FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE*** Date: February 1, 2017 Contact: Peter Winslow Phone Number: (914)227-3795 Email: Web: Twitter: @350Philly PRESS RELEASE: 350 Philadelphia, Nicetown Residents Serve SEPTA with Lawsuit The lawsuit addresses SEPTA’s plan to build a natural gas power plant in Nicetown [Philadelphia, PA] In response to SEPTA Board’s failure to provide adequate public notice before approving a … Continue reading Grassroots group sues transit agency

Dear Councilwoman Bass

Yesterday, we distributed many postcards with this message. Dear Councilwoman Bass, I live in your district and I am asking you to reject SEPTA's request to construct a natural gas power plant in Nicetown. A new plant would pollute our air, harm our health, and accelerate climate change. Thank you. Regrettably, both events were packed … Continue reading Dear Councilwoman Bass

Upcoming Community Meeting in Nicetown

Thank you again for your support for the campaign to stop SEPTA from building a natural gas power plant in Nicetown! We wanted to invite you to a community meeting that 350 Philly is co-sponsoring with the Community Advocate in Nicetown-Tioga this Wednesday evening. Everyone is welcome! We hope you will join us, and please feel free … Continue reading Upcoming Community Meeting in Nicetown

An open letter to Mayor Kenney

We wondered what Philadelphia's Mayor Jim Kenney had to say about our efforts at convincing SEPTA to reconsider their plans for a gas power plant in the already over-burdened community of Nicetown. Below is a letter by long-time Germantown resident Joanna Vaughan to Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney on December 1st, 2016. December 1, 2016 Mayor James … Continue reading An open letter to Mayor Kenney

Voices that didn’t get heard

Since the SEPTA board didn't get to hear everyone that had lined up to address concerns about the gas plant in Nicetown, we're documenting public concerns here available for the SEPTA board and others. Chris Miles of East Falls Pastor David Reppert of Emanuel United Church of Christ, Bridesburg, Philadelphia Meenal Raval of Mt Airy, reminding us … Continue reading Voices that didn’t get heard

SEPTA’s November Board meeting

On November 17th, amidst chants of protest from an audience of more than 50 supporters of Fossil Free SEPTA, SEPTA Board voted to approve the plan for a natural gas power plant in Nicetown. We are grateful to everyone who came out to join our public filibuster! Since so many people packed the board room, … Continue reading SEPTA’s November Board meeting

Face to Face with SEPTA and the gas industry

Yesterday,  8 of us met with 12 people to discuss SEPTA’s gas power plant project at the Midvale Bus Depot. We expressed our frustration, that our concerns have been ignored for 6 months. We referred to community efforts in Toronto with Metrolink and in North Carolina with Duke University in rejecting fracked gas for electricity generation. … Continue reading Face to Face with SEPTA and the gas industry

SEPTA Open House: Are We There Yet?

At their recent sustainability open house on August 30th, SEPTA displayed their top 13 goals for the economy, community and the natural environment on poster boards, as part of their SEPTAinable 2020 initiative. But we learned quickly that there was only so much that could be gleaned from simply looking at these boards. First of all, we commend … Continue reading SEPTA Open House: Are We There Yet?

350 Philly at Greenfest

Each September, the Clean Air Council organizes an annual GreenFest at Headhouse Square in South Philly. This year, 350Philly set up a tent. We explained the need for a rapid transition away from fossil fuels, our current campaign for a #FossilFreeSEPTA and added about 200 signatures to our petition to the SEPTA Board. Check out a photo gallery … Continue reading 350 Philly at Greenfest