An Announcement about 350 Philly

We have made the difficult decision to end 350 Philadelphia’s active work. Like so many other organizations, our efforts were slowed by the pandemic. Membership attrition has made it hard for us to mount initiatives on our own, and some of our most active leaders have been devoting themselves to other climate justice organizations. While we feel as strongly as ever about the importance of staving off the worst climate disasters and building a just, sustainable world, we believe these goals are best served by joining the efforts of other groups. 

We’re proud of the initiatives we took over the past 9 years with the help of our members and others, starting with our very first: a demonstration of future sea level rise on the Art Museum steps. Following that event,  we pressed the City’s pension fund to divest from fossil fuel companies and mobilized hundreds of people for the People’s Climate March. Then we turned our attention to pressuring SEPTA to go fossil free.  Many community, faith, and environmental justice groups joined in that effort. Together we spoke at SEPTA Board meetings, attended hearings and community meetings, lobbied elected officials, knocked on doors, and organized demonstrations and non-violent direct actions. We teamed with Neighbors Against the Gas Plant and the Center for Returning Citizens to sue Philadelphia’s Air Management Services over their issuing a permit to build a polluting gas plant in the Nicetown neighborhood. Although the gas plant was built, Neighbors Against the Gas Plant and other groups continue the vital work of pushing to minimize its use and its health impact, and eventually to shut it down. We are glad to see that SEPTA is testing electric buses, installing solar panels on some of their buildings, and contracting to buy electricity from brand new solar farms elsewhere in PA.

Recently, we have worked with Delaware Riverkeeper Network to prevent highly explosive Liquified Natural Gas from being transported via rail through Philly and neighboring towns. Energy Justice Network and 350 Philly members have called, emailed and met with members of City Council to urge them to ban the burning of trash and recyclables.

There are many other organizations in our region who are doing important work on climate justice, environmental sustainability, and moving toward a fossil-free world. We encourage you to consider lending your passion and energy to them.

CRCQL (Chester Residents Concerned for Quality Living)  A grass-roots environmental-justice organization in Chester, PA dedicated to fighting against the toxic presence of the Covanta Incinerator and other dangerous projects.  

Delaware Riverkeeper Network  Advocating on issues to protect the health of Delaware River watershed, leading opposition to the dangerous transportation by rail of Liquefied Natural Gas. 

Earth Quaker Action Team (EQAT)  Carries out nonviolent direct action toward a just and sustainable economy, now working on Vanguard SOS campaign to pressure The Vanguard Group to divest of its massive fossil-fuel investments.

Extinction Rebellion  Specializes in direct actions for climate justice.

Neighbors Against the Gas Plant  Works to improve air quality around Nicetown.

Pennsylvania Interfaith Power and Light (Philadelphia Chapter)  Organizes faith communities to fight racial and economic justice on a livable planet, leading the PGW Just Transition Campaign.

Philly DSA (Democratic Socialists of America)  Has fielded campaigns including Safe Air for Every School and We Own PGW. 

Philly Thrive  Fighting environmental racism in the area around the closed PES refinery, to ensure healthier and more equitable neighborhoods. 

Philly Transit Riders Union  A grassroots organization of transit riders, workers, and residents to achieve sustainable transit systems in our region. 

Physicians for Social Responsibility PA  Advocates for environmentally responsible practices to improve public health, including campaigning against fracking natural gas in Pennsylvania. 

Reclaim Philadelphia Organizes political campaigns to make strides toward progressive goals including a livable climate, clean energy, and healthy communities. 

Sierra Club of Southeastern Pennsylvania  Focuses on environmental issues facing our region to help improve natural resources and protect them for the future. 

Sunrise Movement  A group of young people dedicated to fighting against climate change and for green jobs and environmental justice. 

Our website will remain as a resource for others doing similar work. Although our Facebook page will be removed, you will always be in our hearts.

Onward and Upward,

Miram, Mitch, Ken and Ann