350 Philly Endorses Bernie Sanders for President

Senator Bernie Sanders is taking on our climate crisis by fighting for a comprehensive Green New Deal. In order to ensure a habitable planet for ourselves and our descendants, we must transition to renewable energy at an urgent pace. Bernie’s GND plan calls for using 100% renewable energy for electricity, buildings, transportation by 2030–and reducing greenhouse gas emissions nationwide more than 70% by that year. In addition, his plans include a just transition for fossil fuel workers and justice for frontline communities. 

Sanders is vigorously working for a Medicare For All national health system, similar to those in every other major developed nation. This will ensure that everyone will have access to health care and won’t go broke trying to pay bills.

He has a 40-year voting record for consistently voting against our huge military budget, while writing bills for veteran’s assistance. Sanders supports shifting some of the military budget to education and other programs that need funding at home. The US military is the world’s largest polluter and also greatly contributes to climate change. 

Bernie understands that in order to have a true democracy, we must get big money out of politics. His campaign is being run on small donations and he has refused money from billionaires. We believe Bernie’s platform, track record, character, and strong campaign can bring enough people to the polls in November to defeat Donald Trump.

We’re joining our allies at 350 Action, the Sunrise Movement, Reclaim Philadelphia, National Nurses United, the American Postal Workers, and Lancaster Stands Up to endorse Bernie! Here’s a complete list of endorsements.

The primary election in Pennsylvania is coming up on Tuesday, April 28th! Make sure to vote that day, or click here to request a mail-in or absentee ballot. The deadline to register to vote is April 13. Need to make sure you’re registered as Democrat at your current address? This webpage will enable you to verify your registration. Click here to register if you’ve moved since you last voted or if you haven’t voted before.

We encourage you to join one of the active campaigns to get Bernie elected. On March 14th, Philly DSA is hosting a Bernie for President Training. Find out about other events on the Philly for Bernie Facebook page. Sign up to make texts or calls here. Download the Bern Apptrack your conversations about Bernie. The app allows the campaign to keep track of who is supporting the candidate as well as those who are open to persuasion.

In the future, we want all 350 Philly members to be able to vote on endorsement decisions like this one. So we at 350 Philadelphia, are implementing a new membership policy. You can become a member by attending at least two general monthly meetings per year and being active on a committee. We encourage members to donate any amount of money (zero to $1M) per year to 350 Philly in order to enable us to keep organizing toward a just, fossil-free future.

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