One after the other, people trailed into Panati Playground recreation center near 22nd and Allegheny last evening. It was odd that our transit agency, SEPTA, selected this site for the hearing, over a mile from their proposed gas power plant.  There was just one SEPTA representative present. A team of 5 people from our City’s Public Health Department, of which Air Management Services (AMS) is a department, heard us. One of them recorded the audio. Another person was to provide a transcript.

Altogether over 40 of us filled the space, requiring an assortment of chairs and stools to be brought in. Many stood. We represented quite a cross section of our city: young & old; black, white & Asian American; 3 nurses; several teachers; a high school student; leaders from a nearby Registered Community Organization; two physicians; climate activists; grandmothers with babes in arms; parents of asthmatic kids… Each of us had something to say about SEPTA’s proposed gas plant at the AMS hearing last night. Not a one said they wanted it.  

Some of the folks who provided testimony that evening…

Read Karen’s testimony. Or Meenal’s. Or Alicia’s.

Or watch the video Alicia made of this hearing. New to public speaking, Nathaniel was spurred into actionIf you would like your testimony listed here, please send to me.

Now we wait. And trust that our Air Management Services truly heard the people.