Letters to SEPTA, Tweets to Mayor – Hear Us Now

Last November, the SEPTA board walked out on a roomful of us. Over the winter, our grassroots group sued the transit agency. And began asking Councilwoman Bass to stand with us and block construction of the gas plant. She could do that by rezoning the proposed site.

A few days ago, Councilwoman Bass issued a statement. It stated: The only responsible thing to do is to not build this gas plant.

Today, we sent this letter to the SEPTA board. Our letter highlights one board member’s conflict of interest with the gas plant. This member should recuse himself from Thursday’s vote on the gas plant. Also, we asked for a full public hearing on new gas plants.

We emailed this letter to the board member with conflict of interest. It suggests he abstain from voting on the gas plant, on Thursday and in the future.

The only responsible thing to do is to not build this gas plant.

It’s Mayor Kenney that we need to pressure now. He has appointed 2 members to the SEPTA board. He needs to ask Philly’s representatives on the SEPTA board to veto plans for the gas plant.

How to reach the Mayor? Call 215.686.2181, re-tweet this message, or tweet one like this:

@PhillyMayor Please protect our health & climate: Ask our reps on SEPTA board to veto plan for gas power plant in Nicetown.
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2 thoughts on “Letters to SEPTA, Tweets to Mayor – Hear Us Now

  1. Hi Meenal, I live in Germantown and would like to help. I am wondering why the meetings have been in CC. Could we do some community awareness and meetings in South G’town and Nicetown? I know a place on Locust st across from the tennis club, also a church in Nicetown may let us as well as Price st Church at 108. Let me know.


    1. Zoe, We’ve canvassed in Nicetown, and had several community meetings at local churches and schools. Our planning meetings are in Center City because that’s convenient for more people who get around via transit. Thanks for suggestions on local spaces.


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