I Speak for the Pines

Late last week, in front of a huge audience, the Pinelands Commission voted to allow South Jersey Gas to put a pipeline through our beloved Pine Barrens. Where exactly? This map shows it best, going through the Pinelands to travel along 10 miles and 1.1 million acres of protected forest, just to deliver fracked gas so that … Continue reading I Speak for the Pines

On Climate: at Not My President’s Day rally

Yesterday, there was yet another rally in Philadelphia: Counter the Executive Orders - Not My President's Day Rally, hosted by Michael Huff , Leslie Medley, Daniel L. Curcio, Jacelyn Blank, Vanette Jordan-Lumogo, Megan Elizabeth. #notmypresident In just over a week, President Donald Trump has issued harmful executive orders including: restructuring the National Security Council, imposing a … Continue reading On Climate: at Not My President’s Day rally

Yesterday we were the Water Protectors

Yesterday, we were the Water Protectors, driving from Philly to Washington Crossing State Park to a public hearing of the Delaware River Basin Commission (DRBC), per invitation from the Delaware Riverkeeper Network. Promoted as a low-key event, scheduled for a mid-week mid-afternoon, we didn’t expect much. Until we got there! Just in the walk from the … Continue reading Yesterday we were the Water Protectors

Pipeline Resistance is In the Air 

At a recent forum, the CEO of the local refinery in south Philadelphia stated that pipeline development is key to the fossil fuel-based energy hub’s development.  At the same forum, a representative of the PA Public Utility Commission stated, “We have to get gas to markets. We can do it, but it’s going to take political … Continue reading Pipeline Resistance is In the Air 

Grassroots group sues transit agency

***FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE*** Date: February 1, 2017 Contact: Peter Winslow Phone Number: (914)227-3795 Email: pjwinslow@gmail.com Web: 350Philadelphia.org Twitter: @350Philly PRESS RELEASE: 350 Philadelphia, Nicetown Residents Serve SEPTA with Lawsuit The lawsuit addresses SEPTA’s plan to build a natural gas power plant in Nicetown [Philadelphia, PA] In response to SEPTA Board’s failure to provide adequate public notice before approving a … Continue reading Grassroots group sues transit agency

Call to action – all 8th district residents

Philadelphia City Councilperson Cindy Bass needs to hear that folks in the district (Philadelphia District  8) don't want a #natgas power plant. How to reach her? Twitter: @cindybassphilly  Facebook: @cindy.bass1 City Hall phone: 215.686.3424 or 215.686.1937 District phone: 215-685-9182 Email: cindy.bass@phila.gov Sample scripts, background and Councilwoman Bass' role can be found here. Sample tweet list here...