All aboard, on the renewables train…

Two new developments. One in Santiago Chile and one in the Netherlands.

santiagoThe public transit agency of Santiago, Chile’s has signed two big agreements with solar and wind energy developers, which will mean that Santiago’s subway system will

“run on 60 per cent renewable energy”

as of 2018. It sounds like their Metro system is quite a bit larger than Philadelphia’s. I’ve read elsewhere that it has 2.5 million riders per day. Soon, Santiago’s subway system will soon be powered mostly by solar and wind energy.

netherlandsWe also recently learned that the rail system in the Netherlands will begin running entirely on renewable energy in 2018. See Running on wind: the Dutch rail networks renewable revolution. Of note

“The greatest environmental impact is caused by CO2 emitted during power generation. Based on figures from 2014, prior to the partnership with Eneco, NS used 1.2TWh of electricity and emitted 550kt of CO2, while the complete VIVENS contract emitted 640kt of CO2. These emissions will be brought back to zero in 2018.”

Can’t wait to see some of this in Philly! Write the SEPTA Board or your elected representatives.

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